Toronto Wedding & elopement Photographer

Welcome to the Toronto wedding and family photography studio.
I'm Alex Graff, - a wedding and family photographer for 15 years. But I prefer to call myself the chronicler of your family stories anywhere in the world.

It is family values that I try to convey in my photographs first and foremost. So that as the years go by, you will leave your children not just a set of photos, but a whole family story that will never go out of style. And the purpose of this story, to show your beauty, the beauty of your relationships, the special atmosphere of your holiday. To catch all the subtle emotions, to help you with posing for the camera.

Around this idea, my wife and I created a studio of wedding photographers and videographers in Toronto. We have worked in many countries and have studied the cultures of many nationalities. So we know how to work respectfully with all religions, traditions and nationalities.

Write to us through the inquiry form in the "contacts" section and we will consult you for complimentary on the basic questions of preparing for the wedding photo and video shoot.

Our photos

Here we've collected a few of our works to quickly show off our style and taste. And I invite you to see the full wedding series in the Weddings section.

I invite you to see more wedding photo stories on the Weddings page


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