Every Moment Counts

Let Me Tell Your Love Story

Welcome to the world of Alex Graff, your dedicated elopement photographer and engagement photographer in Toronto. I believe that every love story deserves to be told with passion and precision, whether it's a spontaneous elopement, a meticulously planned proposal, or a charming pre wedding photoshoot in Toronto. My mission is to capture the essence of your relationship in every shot.


As an experienced pre wedding photographer and proposal photographer, I strive to make your photoshoot journey to the big day unforgettable. The moments leading up to your wedding are filled with excitement and anticipation, and I am here to preserve those emotions through my lens. From the intimate whispers during your engagement session to the joyous celebrations of your elopement, my photography is all about capturing genuine, heartfelt moments.


When you choose me as your engagement photographer, you are choosing a commitment to excellence. My approach is personalized, ensuring that your unique love story shines through in every photograph. Let's work together to create a beautiful collection of memories that reflect the beauty and depth of your relationship.

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Hotel ONE. David & Sandra

Walking in Florence


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